Not everywhere in the Maldives is the same. Read this before booking a resort near Male

Zero Degree Pool Bar at Ayada Maldives

Zero Degree Pool Bar at Ayada Maldives

When you think about the Maldives, you expect pristine white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and lush green tropical vegetation. Seeing similar photos of so many resorts makes it easy to think that every island resort in the Maldives is equally beautiful - but this is not the case.

Resorts near Male

Resorts near Male, the capital of the Maldives, might be attractive because of their proximity to the airport. Only 20-40 minutes of travel might sound good but your illusion will be gone quickly once you start seeing the heavy boat traffic, dirty beaches and hear airplanes flying low. Most of the tourism business of the Maldives is concentrated to resorts near Male which today looks like a mass tourism site.

Remote resorts

If you want a real Maldives experience, you will definitely want to book a resort far away from Male. This might cost you slightly more and you will need to travel an hour more, but you will be very happy for your decision. Remote islands like Ayada Maldives have preserved the untouched tropical idyll, the luxurious nature and pristine beaches - just as you imagine a Maldives island to be.

As you see, there is a huge difference and if you can afford it, it’s almost always recommended to choose a resort that is far away from Male.

If travel concerns you…

Some of our guests are concerned about the domestic flight and speedboat transfer that is required to get to Ayada Maldives, however, once they arrive they will immediately know that it was a good decision.

Ayada Maldives is located in the most southern atoll of the Maldives, almost entirely untouched. Aside from villas and restaurants, you will see interesting animals wherever you look, including bats, lizards, geckos and even parrots. While snorkeling, you will very likely see a variety of exotic fish, turtles, rays and even friendly baby sharks.

If you want to save, or the extra mile concerns you then it is a good decision to choose a resort near Male. But if you want an unforgettable and complete Maldives experience then don’t make any compromises.